Some things are difficult to explain.

Miracles speak for themselves. -Dr. Eric Pearl


Some Recent Healing Stories:

 Injured finger heals much faster than usual:

A friend had his finger badly smashed by a heavy log while he was loading firewood onto his truck.  It was very red, swollen, bruised and quite painful, and the fingernail was already beginning to get dark blue.  He 'humored' me by allowing me to work on it for just a couple of minutes, and then very politely told me that it really wasn't "doing anything" and that he needed to get back to work.  I told him that was fine, that the work would continue on without me.  The next morning he told me that while getting ready for bed that night, he noticed that his finger didn't hurt anymore.  He showed me his perfect finger, no longer red, swollen, bruised, or painful, with a slight light blue color under the fingernail.  I had to laugh when he said, "I've been pressing on it and twisting it, to see if I can 'make' it hurt, but it's fine!"

Frail, elderly, suffering with broken hip and cancer:

My 85 year old mother has such severe osteoporosis, she has suffered five fractures in her spine and broken her hip in three places in the past three years.  She was also losing weight, no matter how much she ate, and had remained at 84 pounds for well over a year.  Because x-rays were showing that she wasn't healing well, and because of the weight loss, the doctors did an MRI which showed what they thought to be lymphoma.  Her doctors and I agreed not to tell her this, or put her through any more diagnostic procedures, as she was too frail to survive conventional cancer treatment, and because she told me many years ago that if she ever got a diagnosis of cancer, she would "just pop a bottle of pills and end it all quickly". The best 'treatment', in her case, was to just keep her as comfortable as possible with pain medication.  She was in constant pain, needed assistance to bathe, used a walker to get around her apartment, and was very depressed.

After returning from my training in Reconnective Healing, I could hardly wait to try it on her.  I was as amazed as she when after the first healing session, she said that all of the pain 'just melted away', and I watched her stand up straight for the first time in three years!  She told me that she gained 5 pounds the following week, and now gets around her apartment without her walker 95% of the time, and needs no assistance to take care of herself.  She even does her own shopping. Her x-rays the following month showed that her broken hip was "healing beautifully", she said.  She hardly uses any pain medication at all anymore.  When she 'over-does it', because she has so much more energy now, she'll call me for another healing session.  She tells me that the pain 'just vanishes within minutes', and she's good to go, until the next time she 'over-does it'!

Healing of arthritic knees and an unexpected 'bonus':

I recently worked on an elderly woman who complained of arthritis pain in her knees.  She called after she got home from her session to tell me that her knees no longer hurt, and 'for some reason', she no longer needs her glasses to read!

 "This is not crude leather; luminous beings are we!" -Yoda

Frozen shoulder:

While cutting my hair, my hairdresser complained that she had 'done something' to her shoulder, and couldn't move it past shoulder height without alot of pain.  (Not good for a hairdresser!) I worked on her for just a few minutes, just to show her what this work felt like, and then asked her to show me how far up she could bring her arm.  She lifted both of her arms straight up above her head (as her jaw nearly fell to the floor!)  She said that the pain was much better, but that there was 'still a little catch there', so I lightly placed both of my hands on her shoulder and held them there for 3 or 4 minutes.  She said that the pain was almost all gone after that. When I saw her again a couple of weeks later and asked about her shoulder, she responded, "It's absolutely perfect!"

Throbbing, tired feet:

While I worked on my hairdresser, another hairdresser watched out of curiosity.  I asked her if she'd like to see what the energies felt like and she did.  I worked on her about 3 minutes. She didn't say much other than that she could feel 'something', but as I was getting ready to leave, she came over to say,  "My feet don't hurt anymore!  They were throbbing so badly as I stood there watching you earlier, but I didn't want to sit down and miss it!  Thank you!"


A young woman in recovery for addiction asked for a session, just to see what it was like.  Later that evening she told me that after I left her, she had so much energy, she cleaned and organized her entire house, took several bags to Goodwill, cleaned out her car, and even put up Christmas decorations.  What a lovely metaphor for clearing out that which no longer serves her, and taking care of what does!

 "My own healing story:

Walking home from the first day of the Reconnective Healing training, I sprained my ankle quite badly.  I have had trouble with that ankle most of my life, and whenever I sprained it, it would always take several weeks to heal, and because it was weak, I would usually twist it again within a short time. The following day of training was challenging on many levels, and hobbling around on a swollen, bruised and painful ankle made it even more so.  By the end of the day I could hardly wait to get home so I could rest and put my foot up, but my husband had come to meet me  and wanted us to walk to a restaurant a block away for dinner.  I began to protest walking even that far, citing my poor sore ankle, when I suddenly realized that my ankle no longer hurt at all!  I looked down to see that all of the swelling and bruising were completely gone. I have never had any trouble with that ankle since then. To me, that is no small miracle!

"For love is your true healer. And miracles occur naturally in the presence of love." -Marianne Williamson

Great Improvement in Mental Illnes

A young woman was dealing with addiction as well as mental illness.  Her mother said that her daughter had 'lost all hope' and showed no signs of improvement after being hospitalized for quite awhile. After just one distant session, she said that her daughter showed such dramatic improvement, she was moved to another treatment center and that for the first time in a very long time, her daughter feels hopeful and is smiling again.

 'Shorter' leg is 'growing'??

After just the first session, one elderly woman reported some amazing results to me.  She walked with two canes, and said that one leg has always been shorter than the other.  She was also blind in one eye as a result of eye surgery several years ago, and she added that she has glaucoma.  Upon arrival for her 2nd session a month later, she told me that she can now touch the foot of the 'short' leg entirely onto the ground and that her hips 'feel even', and there is 'much less popping sounds' in her hip when she walks.  She also said that since her hip surgery a couple of years ago, she had been experiencing rectal bleeding, but that has stopped.  

She also said that she had just seen her eye doctor the day before that showed that the vision in her 'blind' eye has improved from 20/100 to 20/80, and that the pressure in both eyes is now equal.

'Look Ma... No Hands!'

I was sitting next to a friend at an awards banquet, whom I hadn't seen in a long time, and she told me that she fell off of a ladder a few months prior.  Fortunately she didn't break anything, but she was still in alot of pain, and it was difficult for her to sit for extended periods.  As she told me this, my hands and my entire body began pulsing with the healing frequencies so intensely, I felt I was about to burst! (It reminded me of the 'let-down reflex' that would happen while nursing my babies, when I would hear another baby cry while I was away from my own, I couldn't get home fast enough to feed mine!) This wasn't an appropriate time or place for me to start waving my hands around her, but I wanted very much for her to be more comfortable, as I knew we would be sitting for at least a couple of hours, and as I said earlier, I felt like I was going to explode if I didn't 'get this to her' somehow!  I maintained eye contact with her as she continued to tell me about her family's latest news, and her eyes began blinking rapidly, but she didn't seem to notice and continued talking. (This is called a 'register' and sometimes happens during a session.) The next morning we ran into eachother at the grocery store and she grabbed my arm and said, "Jill, you're going to think I'm crazy, but I've got to tell you this!  When I woke up this morning, my back didn't hurt at all!  I think you did something to me!" 

And All God's Creatures...

These healing frequencies have shown amazing results for animals, too.  A session can take place one-on-one with the animal, hands on or off (or using only the eyes), or also via a distance session as a gentle, non-invasive way of assisting them in healing physical illness, recovering quickly from surgery, fear, anxiety, and even behavioral issues.

Dog's skin infection healed overnight.

Our dog was suffering from allergies to just about everything, from certain foods to the lilies in our gardens.  Her skin would itch so relentlessly each Spring, she would rub herself raw and bloody on any piece of furniture or corner of a wall that she could, which resulted in oozing, infected patches of sores.  The vet's solution was anti-biotics and cortisone injections, which would eventually destroy her kidneys, and a very expensive special diet.  I hated the choices available... damaging her body with another round of cortisone and anti-biotics, or letting her continue to be miserable.  After being out of town for a week while taking the Reconnective Healing training, I could hardly wait to try it on her. I was amazed when after just the first healing session, her skin healed completely overnight.  After each session thereafter, her itching subsided more and more.  Now she has a beautiful coat and runs through the lily gardens (much to my dismay!) and eats whatever she wants.

"This cat 'should' have arthritis!"

Hershey is our 14 year old cat.  One of her back legs was shattered after being run over, so she has a metal rod and pins in her leg to hold it together.  The vet told us that she would probably always limp, and that she would most likely develop arthritis in that leg and it would bother her alot when the weather is damp or cold.  Being my cat, she has the luxury of receiving regular healing sessions whenever she wants, so once or twice a month, she will come sit by me to get her session.  She lays there with her head up, eyes closed, and purring loudly while I work on her for about five minutes, (now remember, I'm not touching her!) then she jumps down when I'm done.  Our vet seems to be amazed that this cat doesn't limp or seem to have slowed down at all!

Cat's Injured Eye Heals Within Hours!

A friend who just recently completed her Reconnective Healing training said that her cat came home one day with her eye badly swollen and weepy, with the inner lid blood-red.  She did a session on her and just a few hours later when she saw her cat again, the eye was no longer swollen, weepy or red; looking completely normal, and she could then see that her cat had sustained several cuts, most likely from getting into a fight with another cat.  (Having had this kind of injury happen to my own cat years ago, I know that the medicine we gave ours didn't work that fast!) All of her cat's injuries healed rapidly, and without ever needing any anti-biotics.  My friend received many loving kitty-rubs and purrs from her very happy cat!

People-shy dog learns to trust.

Another practitioner shared this story: "This little dog was so afraid of people, yet desperately seemed to want human contact.  She would cower, tremble, back up and squint as though ducking from an anticipated swat whenever someone reached out to pet her. She clearly appeared to have been abused. It was heartbreaking to watch.  Her adoptive family tried everything they could think of to gain her trust, but the most they were able to accomplish was that she seemed to want to be 'around' them, especially the children, but always kept a safe distance.  During her session, she crawled over to me on her belly and laid her head in my lap. When I finished, she rubbed her head against me and licked my hand.  I almost wept.  A few days later her owner called to tell me that this little dog now plays with the kids and happily accepts cuddles and affection without cowering away. She said, "She's like a completely different dog!"
































 What causes 'dis'-'ease'? 

The vibrational frequencies of our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions are the cause of either 'ease', or 'dis'-'ease' in every area of our life.  The lower vibrational energies of fear, jealousy, resentment, anger, shame, insecurity, dispair, stress, low self-esteem all weaken the body and affect every aspect of our life.  When we're in the presence of higher vibrational energies, and allow ourselves to be in a receptive state, our own field of energy begins to resonate with those higher vibrations... very much like the strings of a cello sitting in a corner of the stage will vibrate when another cello is being played on stage.  
Reconnective Healing seems to offer a sort of 'attunement' to the body of higher vibrational frequencies of energy, light and information within the client's own magnetic energy field.  Negative thoughts and behavior patterns, destructive belief systems, and physical manifestations of 'dis-ease' then have nothing left to support them, and can simply fall away. 

It's as though this healing work has an Intelligence of its own that knows exactly what each person needs at the time, which may also be why this work doesn't interfere with medications or necessary medical treatments. Because Reconnective Healing is wholistic, healing can happen on any and all levels of our being; body, mind and spirit.  Again, there are often many layers to the healing process.  As one issue releases, others can then come to the surface to be released as well, gradually, with grace and ease.  Healing isn't complete unless the cause of 'dis-ease' is gone. We must take responsibility for our own wholeness and well-being by remembering Who We Really Are.  Reconnective Healing is a miraculous tool like we've never seen before that just might help you remember.

What makes a miracle happen? 

What is the secret 'magic' behind 'spontaneous remissions', the power of prayer, and even the video Gregg Braden has shown where healers literally 'chant away' a tumor as we watch it disappear on the ultra-sound screen in less than 5 minutes? (You can watch the video at the bottom of this page.)

It's the higher vibrational frequencies that come into play when we pray, or chant, or whatever we choose to do that works for us to get us to the place of trust and knowing.

Those stories of spontaneous remissions that we've read about in books like Dr. Bernie Seigel's Love, Medicine and Miracles, or watched in films like The Living Matrix, all have one thing in common; first, the vibratory rate of that person's body is increased.

Sometimes, the person simply changed their mind, and therefore the vibratory rate of their thoughts and feelings changedRather than giving in to feelings of resentment, loss, hopelessness, or fear, (or the belief that they must 'fight' something!), they changed their focus instead to purpose, love, faith, forgiveness, releasing painful memories and limiting beliefs, and viewing their illness from a different perspective; as a 'gift' to teach them something.  Healing is then magnificently allowed  to unfold because there is nothing...(no lower vibrational frequencies) for 'dis-ease' to hold onto! 

 The woman in China (featured in the video below) did things to enhance her feelings of well-being before she had the treatment given by the healers who 'chanted her tumor away'.  The methods don't matter as much as their purpose... she took an active role in bringing herself to that feeling place of well-being. 

"The feeling we have in our heart is the language that speaks to the field of energy around us. This is what opens the door to healing... not just in our bodies, but in our world."  - Gregg Braden

We've all heard stories of those who were given just a few months to live because their bodies were ravaged by disease, who then went on to live several decades longer than expected, (leaving their physicians completely baffled!)  My dear friend's grandmother was one such person.  She lived a full, rich life well into her nineties, and when she died, a teaching university called my friend with a request to do an autopsy on her grandmother because they wanted to know how she could possibly live with bone cancer for more than fifty years!  My very wise friend refused their request with this response:  "You're not gonna find what kept my Granny alive in thereThat part of her is gone now."

Energy flows where our attention goes.

Race car drivers are instructed that if they begin to lose control of their vehicle, they are not to steer away from the wall surrounding the track, but instead, to steer towards the center of the ring. 

You go where your attention goes.

The intention of your attention is important!

If our mind and heart are focused on the lack in our life.. whether it's of health, money, friends, success, or love, that which we feel we are lacking increases as we pour our attention there.  Our problems multiply and thrive with all that attention!  That doesn't mean that we should simply ignore our problems and they'll just go away.  We need to think about what's not right in our life with an intention of correction, rather than a feeling of powerlessness. 

You see, everything thrives on attention!  We know that our children, pets and gardens grow and thrive best when given loving attention, protection, guidance and direction. The same is true of all of our desires, whether they're about our health, our finances, our relationships, our business or our world.  We are powerful co-creators who simply need to remember that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, not the other way around, and Spirit's objective is always expression and expansion.




Gregg Braden, in Part One of a six-part video on The Science of Miracles, includes the video mentioned above, of a woman being healed of bladder cancer at a medicine-less hospital. 

 Below is a video from Abraham-Hicks on Why They Get Sick. If you are unfamiliar with Abraham-Hicks, I highly recommend you check out their website at and read some of their books.  They also have many more inspiring videos available on YouTube.  


Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”      -Marianne Williamson


There have been some whom I've spoken to about this work who have expressed suspicion and fear.  Understandably, it seems 'too good to be true', and even the scientists studying this can't explain it. I've gotten questions like  "How do you know where this comes from?  How do you know that this is 'good'?"  This is what I know:  It isn't the medicine, the surgery, or the practitioner of any particular healing modality that does the healing.  Only God heals.  We are the only ones who limit our experience of good, by our beliefs about how much good we believe God is capable of and our willingness to accept it. 

                "By their fruits, ye shall know them."


The artwork on this page came from Mike Dooley's website,   He's the author of Notes From the Universe, Choose Them Wisely and More Notes from the Universe. When you visit his webpage, be sure to check out the inspirational e-cards. You can send them to friends or print them out and tack them up for your own daily dose of inspiration and reminder of how very loved you are! 

Reconnective Healing for animals

Animals can experience extraordinary benefits from Reconnective Healing.
Often both the owner and the practitioner will clearly see that the animal relaxes and is enjoying the session.

This gentle, non-invasive way of healing is very convenient for the animal and its owner. In most cases the house call sessions take place in the natural environment of the animal to avoid unnecessary stress from travel and a foreign environment. Usually the animal doesn't have to be touched during the healing session, which means that it can walk around freely in the room, kennel, yard or stable and doesn't have to be confined in one spot for the session. 

Healing can take place in a split second. However, sometimes, as with us humans, it takes time to 'incorporate' the healing. That means that the animal's body needs some practice to be able to preserve the new, healthy frequencies. You may notice changes as the healing unfolds over the course of a few days.

Generally one to three sessions are scheduled, but in some cases a few additional sessions could be beneficial as long as there has been noticeable improvement in the first three sessions. In that case, additional healing sessions could optimize the results.
However, just as with people, Reconnective Healing for animals does not require a long-term series of appointments or weekly/monthly 'tune-ups'.